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November 05, 2004



Saw it at The Incredibles this morning. Great teaser, but I don't like how it gives a few of the money shots away, much like the AOTC teaser did.


Yeah, I think the Episode 1 trailer nearly ruined the movie for me...it covered too much of the story.

On subsequent viewings, however, Episode 1 is slowly becoming one of my favorites in the series...I like the pace of it.

Episode 2 has some really great stuff at the end, but I can skip more than the first hour and not miss a thing.


That's why I love the chapter skip button for the DVDs of both episodes 1 & 2. I've rewatched TPM a few times in the past few months and it's slowly growing on me as well. I do, however, love the "camera" work in Clones...the fast zooms and long tracking shots of the battles make me giddy.


...and I love that picture of Threepio.


I have to admit, that after seeing the trailer that I'll probably wind up watching the ROTS film. Ya know, just to say I've watched them all, not because the trailer TOTALLY RULED MY SOCKS OFF!!


So, yeah, I'm digging the newest in the Star Wars Uni. I'm thinking Lucas has redeemed himself in my geeky eyes.


The trailer was great, as in a very different way was The Incredibles.


Man!! Was The Incredibles not just the funnest movie of the year? I had a blast with it, in fact I've already seen it twice now and I want to see it again already.
Yeah, sure, seeing the ROTS trailer again couldnt' hurt either, but Pixar has yet to disappoint me. I wonder if having Larry the Cable Guy voice a buck-toothed truck for 90 minutes will be a homerun like everything else?


Don't count on it. For Pixar's first time out of the Disney umbrella, it looks like it's gonna be a huge misfire.


I don't know, Pat. If he says "GIT R DONE" just once, I know plenty of people who'll buy tickets. They should all be ashamed of themselves, but they'll buy tickets...


True. People are sheep.



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