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September 08, 2005



Dave on pain pills? I'm sorry I missed this... ;)
When I had my hand broken in the car wreck they had given me Tylenol 3, which is supposed to be good stuff, but I never took it. Like you, I was so worried about everybody saying people getting addicted to pain pills that I never wanted to try it for fear of doing so. Of course, had I realized that I don't have an addictive personality, I would have realized I would have been fine.

Anyway, glad to hear you're doing well. I bet pulling that tube out would have really been odd. Hope to see you soon!


The question was asked of me, "How do you know if you have a hernia?"

A hernia, if you find it early on, is just a slight bulge in your groin, just above your "equipment". It would be either on the left or the right side, not in the middle. It will probably get bigger when you strain like you're trying to go to the bathroom.

If you've ignored it for a long time, like I did mine, you will notice a lump coming down into your scrotum. That's actually part of your intestines going through a weak spot in your groin muscle.

If you're at all athletic, you should have it taken care of soon. I'm just a lazy video gamer, but I still shouldn't have ignored it for as long as I did. The surgery was really no big deal. I'd recommend finding a surgeon that will give you the On-Q Painbuster that I had, though. I almost felt no pain at all.

If anybody has any other questions, please feel free to ask me!

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  • Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?

    Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?
    An amazing book that makes the case for God not by citing the Bible or great theologians, but by analyzing the philosophies of famous atheists and showing their flaws.

  • C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity

    C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity
    C.S. Lewis was an atheist for much of his life. Appropriately, this book makes the case for the existance of God first and Christianity second with carefully outlined and surprisingly simple reasoning. I consider this required reading for anyone searching for meaning.

  • C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy

    C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy
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