> New Mexico: September 2004

The road ahead...
And we're wearing sunglasses...
"The 6 Motel"
Truck driving over the "bump bumps"
Headed for the "Bat Cave"
Tiny toad (middle left)
Water source
Cave dwelling
Cave dwelling 2
Cave dwelling 3
Visitor's Center
"Look at all the pottys!!"
Cave formations
Cave formations
Cave formations
Temple of the Sun
Cave formations
Cave formations
Totem Pole
"Drill Hole"
Sid and Erin exploring
Cave formations
Cave formations
Sid at the theater
Cave formations
The Rock of Ages
Erin looking
The cave restaurant
The cave restaurant 2
The visitor's center from outside
Afternoon nap
Rattlesnake Canyon
CR-V in Rattlesnake Canyon
Cool Cactus
Friendly cloud
Shadow moving
More Rattlesnake Canyon
My poor pants
Hike to Walnut Canyon lookout
Hike to Walnut Canyon lookout 2
Desert Plants
Hike to Lookout 3
Walnut Canyon overlook
Bat viewing theatre
Carlsbad Natural entrance
Sid setting up the shot
Waiting for the bats
Walking around, waiting