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May 27, 2004



I sincerely hope you're not referring to me...okay, so I know you are! I'm sorry! :P


Erin...if you're not busy, and if you're not doing anything in the immidiate future, and if you wouldn't mind... would you go buy me a Mountain Dew? Dr. Pepper tastes like battery acid to me. :D


And how would you like that delivered? UPS or how 'bout just chunked at your head? :)


I was not thinking of my wife when I wrote that. I was thinking of co-workers. But now that you mention it, she does do it to some extent. ;P~


Upside the noggin, please. :P
In retrospect, I tend to do it too to my wife. Well, actually to a lot of people. I don't realize I'm doing it either, and it's certainly not because I want to waste their time. I'm just the type of person to dilly-dallie. That is the first time I've ever typed 'dilly-dallie' out. Weird... Is that even how you spell it out?

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Favorite Books

  • Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?

    Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?
    An amazing book that makes the case for God not by citing the Bible or great theologians, but by analyzing the philosophies of famous atheists and showing their flaws.

  • C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity

    C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity
    C.S. Lewis was an atheist for much of his life. Appropriately, this book makes the case for the existance of God first and Christianity second with carefully outlined and surprisingly simple reasoning. I consider this required reading for anyone searching for meaning.

  • C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy

    C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy
    Religious Sci-Fi Fantasy: A very tiny genre. In "Out of the Silent Planet", "Perelandra", and "That Hiddeous Strength", C.S. Lewis manages to tackle difficult theological questions as we follow Dr. Ransom in his adventures on Mars, Venus, and back on Earth. My favorite science fiction series by far.