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September 27, 2005


Herr Magus Stryx

You forget the possible implications of a genetic recombination lab in the hands of a band with very bad taste in tupperware hats (Devo).

Let us not rule out the obvious. After all, the humor is similar.

H.M. Stryx

After watching DOOM, I cannot re-read the article without thinking of ID Software. Isn't there another acronym available for Creationism that doesn't have trademark infraction issues?

- Legal, *that hot place*
H.M. Stryx, Advocate for the defense

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Favorite Books

  • Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?

    Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?
    An amazing book that makes the case for God not by citing the Bible or great theologians, but by analyzing the philosophies of famous atheists and showing their flaws.

  • C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity

    C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity
    C.S. Lewis was an atheist for much of his life. Appropriately, this book makes the case for the existance of God first and Christianity second with carefully outlined and surprisingly simple reasoning. I consider this required reading for anyone searching for meaning.

  • C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy

    C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy
    Religious Sci-Fi Fantasy: A very tiny genre. In "Out of the Silent Planet", "Perelandra", and "That Hiddeous Strength", C.S. Lewis manages to tackle difficult theological questions as we follow Dr. Ransom in his adventures on Mars, Venus, and back on Earth. My favorite science fiction series by far.