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January 04, 2006



You should know, Mr. Rutledge, that I'm sitting here at work, and I am fighting back so many urges to just fake sickness and go to Wal-Mart and pick up DW8 and just see what I can do in the next 18 hours. I miss video games so much. I never play!
If and when I come back to Ada, that would be a pretty sweet thing, to have a dedicated game night. And ooh! LAN party! We haven't LAN gamed in.. well, since the good ol' days of Smokesignals.

Man, now I'm all down. And nice Regan reference by the way. :-D





FYI - Thursday nights is miyazaki on AMC. New Disney/Pixar deal promoting uncensored japanese film. Thought you might enjoy it.

And you thought racoon bears were the only 'real' anime monster... :)


stg - I just heard a preview for a movie on UPN that had a clip from one of your songs in it. I don't remember the name of the song and my hard drive died so I don't have any of your music- maybe it was the future is never?

Also is your music somewhere online?

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Favorite Books

  • Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?

    Ravi Zacharias: Can Man Live Without God?
    An amazing book that makes the case for God not by citing the Bible or great theologians, but by analyzing the philosophies of famous atheists and showing their flaws.

  • C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity

    C. S. Lewis: Mere Christianity
    C.S. Lewis was an atheist for much of his life. Appropriately, this book makes the case for the existance of God first and Christianity second with carefully outlined and surprisingly simple reasoning. I consider this required reading for anyone searching for meaning.

  • C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy

    C. S. Lewis: Space Trilogy
    Religious Sci-Fi Fantasy: A very tiny genre. In "Out of the Silent Planet", "Perelandra", and "That Hiddeous Strength", C.S. Lewis manages to tackle difficult theological questions as we follow Dr. Ransom in his adventures on Mars, Venus, and back on Earth. My favorite science fiction series by far.